I’m woken by the birds singing there harmonious tunes. Opening up my curtains blinded by the sun beaming through the window. I can smell the pancakes from the kitchen and hear Mum having a chuckle to herself about Dad trying to cook them. Looking out the window seeing the reflection of the tall brown mountains reflecting off the lake as if it’s a mirror. The blue sky acting as a backdrop to make the mountains look bold and inviting. I’m warmly welcomed into the kitchen and have a quick feed before heading for the car to get down to the lake. Driving through the town centre you can see the spring in people’s step and the big smiles across there face. Getting closer and closer to the lakes edge I watch as the joyous people emerge from the water, tiny droplets still hanging from there bodies. Pure bliss. Mountains in the near distance and sun shining down on us. No place i’d rather be.

Woken by the rain pounding on the roof the thunder and lighting so loud seems as if someone is outside my window shooting a canon. Opening up my curtains watching the lightning flashes light up the sky before turning back to its dismore grey colour. I roll out of bed early on a Sunday morning grab a blanket and run for the lounge before the coldness of the hallway gets to me and numbs my bones. The fires lit, the heat pumps on and my family lying on the couch wrapped up in blankets all looking like white fluffy marshmallows. I’m standing in front of the heater looking out the window staring at what is usually mountains but seeing nothing but a fog so thick it looks like it would swallow me. Millions of raindrops hitting the decking and bouncing back off as their journey has come to an end and now there just part of a humongous puddle. I go and join my family on the couch and watch the movie that’s playing. Before a lightning strike hits and lights up the whole house a bright white colour, soon followed by a rumble of thunder so big the tv can no longer be heard. We look at each other and smile. A smile that means a million different things but at this time there is absolutely no place i’d rather be.

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  1. Hi Shanae. Please read through your writing out loud today and correct all of the punctuation, word and syntax (sentence structure) errors. Also, adjust any vocab. that may seem unnecessarily repeated. You have worked hard on this writing, so just final editing today 🙂


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